- Promotion applies to all ekbest22 member.
- Minimum deposit is MYR20.
- Total deposit amount and bonus must credit x3 to making a withdrawal.

min 20 free 2% = credit 22 x3 = 66 withdraw

- Sportsbook betting can only be bet 100% of the deposit. If the bet exceeds 100% of the deposit, the company does not lose money.
- For example: deposit 50, each game bet limit not allow over 50.
- If you don't want bonus all games you play without a limit bet.

Online sports betting gives you an opportunity to have endless fun. This is facilitated by the fact that you get to choose the sport and the game you want to bet on. When you get to Sportbook you enter into the world of sport betting. We provide you with an opportunity to bet on any game that you might think of. We provide an assortment of sports from football to formula 1.

We give you all the details regarding the various games including fixtures, results, statistics and tables among others. This gives you an opportunity to make an informed decision while betting. We also give you live odds together with betting tips! This has attracted a lot of people where more people who are interested in sport betting are joining us.

When you join us you will also be getting live results to make sure that you follow the games as they go on. We do all this to increase your excitement while betting. On top of this, we have a well-trained team which is always ready to assist you with anything that you might need. We also maintain high levels of secrecy to protect your details. Therefore, to experience the betting excitement in a convenient manner just join us and you will have the fun of your life!

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